Why Just Looking Antiques?

As a shop owner and show dealer since 1996, I can't count the times I've asked pleasantly if I could help someone, only to hear the equally pleasant response "just looking."

Well, it never hurts to look. Because you just might find something you can't pass up. At Just Looking, we certainly hope so! Please click onto our blog and let us know what products, tips and simple pleasures free up your life to make it easier for you to go 'just looking.'

--Kathy Moses Shelton, Antiques and Art Dealer and Author

American Art & Antiques

American art and antiques collections
Located in Philadelphia, PA, Just Looking Antiques presents a unique collection of American antiques and art. We select interesting and vintage pieces that are suited for a unique spin in your home or office. We specialize in antique walking sticks, silver mint julep cups and cow creamers for the discerning collector.

Folk and Outsider Southern folk and outsider artArt

Just Looking Antiques focuses on contemporary folk and outsider art, Southern folk art, and Americana. We are specialists in the work of contemporary self-taught Black artist Helen LaFrance (1919-2020). Read her obituary in The New York Times on the link below.
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Antique Silver

cow creamer, Antique Silver collections
We have an eye for silver hollowware, including popular animals like deer and foxes and cows that function as creamers. Also on hand are silver mint julep cups and unusual pieces such as coin silver figural ladles and medallion butter dishes.


syrshire cattle sign, American Art Antiques

American Art

Just Looking concentrates on art from the 19th Century to Modernism. Our inventory includes landscapes and sporting art, trade signs, and paintings by contemporary self-taught Black artist Helen LaFrance. Watch some of the 2019 award-winning documentary Helen LaFrance Memories on YouTube or here.
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Complete Listings of Antiques, Art and Accessories

For a full listing of what we currently have in stock, please visit our Inventory. We accept payment in the form of personal checks, cashiers checks, money orders and Paypal.


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